Recent Travels

by William Cottrell

This past weekend I had the awesome opportunity of visiting several designers in D.C. with the OUMS group. We started our tour at NPR with David Wright and Max Pfennighaus, the lead interactive designers for NPR’s website. Both of these guys have done some impressive work, including a complete UX redesign of NPR’s live music page.

These guys are my heroes of UX design and that’s all there is to it.

If seeing NPR wasn’t cool enough OUMS also stopped by Nat Geo, Nclud, and THE White House. It was interesting to see the different workspaces and attitudes of their designers. Nclud was very proud of their workspace and it reflected in the attitude of  their employees. They firmly believe that a positive clean environment leads to better results from their designers and that is absolutely true.

Nclud showed our group some of their recent work, one of the highlights being their “Beercamp 2012” flip book.

This entire project was built in CSS, and I can’t even begin to understand how to understand how they pulled it off. This site is so advanced that major web browsers are struggling to keep up with supporting it. 

It was a really inspiring to see these companies behind-the-scenes… Image