Summer Design Work

This summer I’ve been lucky enough to land some freelance design work that I can really be proud of.

The first job I landed  is working as a Web/Graphic Designer for Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition website, a hub for all the news and events happening within the organization. Currently contains plenty of useful news and content, but is overdue for a refresh of structure and aesthetics. My goal for the redesign of this organization’s website is to define a clear visual hierarchy, improve information architecture, and create a simplified aesthetic. A Considerable number of people that view this site and I feel lucky to have this opportunity to challenge my design skills.

I’m also working as a Web Design Intern for the game studio Lightborne Lore. This small start-up studio focuses on iOS game development and currently has two puzzle games on the market. My role for this internship is to improve the User Experience of this Lightborne Lore’s website and help this company develop their online identity. This job presents design challenges that are unique to the game industry and so far has been a very exciting internship.

Both of these jobs have kept me in design mode all summer and I’m always happy to be in that mindset. There is no doubt that both of these opportunities will be very rewarding and I look forward to seeing my designs live on these company’s websites.