My second year of grad school is in full swing and this semester I’ve decided to expand my visual design skills. I’m currently taking a infographics design course that, so far, has been thoroughly kicking me in the ass. I had no idea the amount of research goes into making an infographic, and that by far has been the most time consuming aspect of this class. 

For my first project I decided to create a timeline of the life of my favorite Author/Journalist/Sportsman Ernest Hemingway.

Research for this project involved me reading several articles, books and anecdotes about Hemingway then filling my journal with everything I found interesting. Honestly I found almost everything about him interesting.

The hardest part about this project was choosing what details wouldn’t make it into the finished infographic.  After several revisions I hammered out the stories that I wanted to make up the timeline of Hemingway’s life. The visuals came easy to me, I used a typewriter–style font and illustrated objects that were relevant to the story. My color choice was inspired by the cover art of two of his books For Whom the Bell Tolls and A farewell to Arms.

Now I can say that I have completed my very first infographic. I’m proud of this project… And my instructor was pleased with it as well.

I present to you The Life of Ernest Hemingway